Arrival Transfer Bangkok Thailand.

How to travel to Sichon.
fly to Bangkok, always look for the best deals. Also you have book a flight from Bangkok to Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Take sufficient time between them, because you have to take a taxi to another airport.

I advise everyone to stay one night in Bangkok, to relax and then to fly to Nakhon Si Thammarat the next day, that is a one-hour flight.     

We will then pick you up from the airport as soon as we have your flight number.     

For further questions about this or any help, please email us, call or what'sappen.

Bed & Breakfast To-Co is a great location in the south of Thailand.
We have built our new house there with two beautifully furnished bungalows 900 meters from the beach, beautiful garden and a bar restaurant under the house decorated with mood lighting where you can enjoy all day rest and a nice drink and where your breakfast is served, with fresh fruit every day, eggs of your choice, various spreads, fruit juice, yoghurt and coffee and tea.

Bikes are ready to allow you to ride along the beach or through the woods in the morning or in the afternoon. If you come back from the beach it is possible to enjoy a wonderful massage, but that must be discussed in advance, for a price that you can only dream of.

The bungalows are equipped with air conditioning, flat screen TV, refrigerator with the drinks you like to drink, a lovely large double bed, wardrobe with enough space, bathroom with rain shower, kettle, with which you can make coffee, what you can drink on your own terrace with two chairs and a table for your bungalow.

Towels are changed every day when needed. Bed linen changed twice a week. Every day the bungalow is cleaned.

In Sichon there are more than 30 small and large restaurants where you can have lunch and dinner and it can all be reached by bicycle, or we can bring and collect you by car. The prices are from 40 bht for a lunch and a dinner from 80 bht pp also that are low prices and that makes your holiday even more fun.

Sichon is a very old fishing village with a large harbor that employs about 40 ships a day, to provide the markets that are twice every day at two different locations with all kinds of fish, shrimps, crab etc.

On the markets the restauran owners to buy everything that lives and grows fresh. The biggest market is on Sunday morning and starts at 06.00 and I like to go there with my guests to eat and drink coffee, that around 08.00. I would also like to organize a grill dinner once or several times, then I will make great fresh prawns, fresh chicken satay's and satay's of pork tenderloin.

We recommend our guests to watch for a flight to Bangkok at Skyscanner, for cheap flights and also from Bangkok to Nakhon Si Thammarat. We also recommend that you stay overnight in Bangkok on the way back, because Bangkok has two airports and that you have to go from one to the other and that is much more fun if you can do that at leisure, For information about this, we would like to provide that, but with you will come a long way to find a hotel. We will personally pick you up from the airport in Nakhon Si Thammarat and bring you there again.

The beach as said is 900 meters away, the temperature is about 28 gr. So great for swimming.

We also like to drive you around to places that you would like to see, but that is, of course, against payment. We have an extensive excursion program, where we bring you personaly.

We advise you not to drive in Thailand yourself, because if you are not used to it, it can be very dangerous.

Our prices are per bungalow for two persons incl. Breakfast per night 1800 bth.

Massages are from 250 bth per hour
Drinks in the bungalow are from 15 bth
Drinks in the Bar are from 25 bth
To give you a calculation of what a holiday costs per person.

Flight Amsterdam-Bangkok-Amsterdam pp.650 euro.

Twice a hotel overnight in Bangkok 2 x 50 euros is 100 euros

Bangkok-Nakhon Si Thammarat-Bangkok flight 2 x 50 euros is 100 euros

Transfer airport to toco and back is 1.400 bth is 36 euros

7 days at B & B toco for two people 7 x 1,500 bth incl. Breakfast 283 euro

14 days at B & B toco for two people 14 x 1,200 bth incl breakfast 454 euro

7 days lunch and dinner is 4000 bth is well counted 120 euros

14 days lunch and dinner is 8000 bth is well over 240 euros

Drinks are difficult to calculate, but a coffee is 25 to 50 bth per cup, beer 70 bth glass wine 150 bth

Alcohol is more expensive in Thailand, because of a 300% tax on the alcohol

A holiday for 2 people 7 days in bed & Breakfast toco is about with all the trimmings is around 2,300 euros is 1.150 euro pp

A holiday for 2 people 14 days in bed & Breakfast toco is about with all the trimmings is around 2,700 euros 1.350 euro pp

For further questions look on our website at Google Bed & Breakfast To-Co, Sichon Thailand.

PS. There are very often nice offers of flights, eg at KLM or Quatar or Emirates, but for that you have to call yourself.

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