Surroundings Sichon

Sichon is traditionally a very old fishing village, with quite a large harbor full of fishing boats, with which the ocean rises daily to supply the restaurants and markets with fresh fish.

Every Sunday morning there is a large fresh market from 0.500 to 11.00 a 10 min bike ride away.

Sunday market Sichon

Sunday market Sichon

Sichon is still an old piece of Thailand, people live here despite the many new cars' years back, it changes quickly and that is a pity on one side but the main thing is that it has not yet been discovered by the tourists , so the beaches are empty, despite the fact that some 85,000 inhabitants live in Sichon.

The few hotels in Sichon are unoccupied for a large part of the year, but during the weekends and holidays many Thai people come to Sichon to celebrate their holidays here.

sichon centrum
Sichon centrum

city of Sichon Thailand

Above you see the hospital of Sichon, you have several doctors spread over the city. There are also enough pharmacists and the medicine are cheap.

Restaurants Near by our B & B you can find many restaurants, you donít have to search long and it comes across everywhere.

In Sichon there are three Temples, which can also be visited. There is a Tesco, open from 08 am to 10 pm, while there are one small Tesco and two 7 or 11 that are open 24 hours a day. There is an early market every day on the outskirts of the city, of which on Sunday the largest and Monday, Wednesday and Friday are an evening market in the middle of the city center.

There are many shops and banks and ATM machines to take your money. There are several beaches where you can go. The nearest beach is 900 meters. There are also places where you can see the wild monkeys at certain times, or you can see them from your terrace for your bungalow from time to time. We have an extensive excursion program where we personally bring you.

There are bikes ready at bed and breakfast to-co with which you can visit everything in a short time, but you can also enjoy cycling through the woods or along the beach

Every day you can enjoy something different and the good thing is that there are not many tourists, so you can eat very well for a small amount in the many restaurants who are here in Sichon. Of course the prices at the hotels on the beach are a lot higher, if you eat there.

When you come home, your refrigerator is filled with drinks that you like to drink and can be enjoyed on your own terrace or you can order a drink under the house, where a cool breeze always blows. If you do not feel like eating outside the door, just ask Jan for a grill evening, Big fresh Shrimp and pork satay, he would like to know about it after breakfast.

Excursions from Bed & Breakfast to-co

Besides that we have a wonderful accommodation, we now organize wonderful excursions for our guests. Not with groups, but only our guests.

1. Excursion (day tour) to the city of Surat Thani, City tour and a visit to a large shopping center.

2. Excursion (half-day tour) on Sunday morning around 08.00 am. First to the big market in Sichon, then to the Wat Chedi or also called Cocktemple. Only the road to it is already impressive with the hundreds of large Roosters in all colors, which are positioned on both sides of the road. Every week, thousands of people from all over Thailand visit this famous temple from all over the world.

3. Excursion to the city Nakhon Si Tammarat, visit to the Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan temple, a very impressive temple, well worth a visit, then a visit to the new shopping center.

4. An excursion to the beautiful Sununta waterfalls, in a large nature area.

5. An excursion to various places in Khanom and a visit to the best coffee shop in the area.

6. Excursion to Donsak for a boat trip across the ocean to view the pink dolphins swimming around in the area. The pink dolphin occurs in the world in two places, in the Peruvian Amazon and in Donsak / Khanom Thailand. This trip starts at 06.00 am, so only coffee is drunk before departure and after the boat trip we visit a German in the same village with his Thai wife for a German breakfast. Then we drive to another place in that area for a visit to a natural fish spa at small waterfalls, to have our feet cleaned in a natural way.

7. Excursion (two hours) to Khao Plai dam, where we can enjoy nature and the beautiful beach.

8. Excursion (two days) to the Surat Thani Dam. After an early breakfast we leave for a large reservoir, to view it by boat, on the way there is a lunch during that trip. A beautiful nature area with many mountains that have been pushed straight out of the ground, thousands of years ago. Back from the trip we find a hotel and stay there one night and try the next morning, when the weather and the water level allows a trip on a car tire through a river to float down, so bring bathing goods !!!

The excursions can be discussed on the spot for each day, only because of the crowds, the trip to Wat Chedi on Sunday morning.